Take a deep breathe. And be you.

Your breathe is the sacred energy force within your body.

It passes through your lungs, giving you the freedom to move, see, do, act.

So breathe.

Open up and let go – stretch. Stretch your limbs, your sides, your legs and arms.

Open up your heart and let the air in.

Let it in. Let it in.

Let. It. In.

You’ll stand taller.

You’ll be steady.

You’ll be the rock you’re looking to depend on.

It starts with breath. So learn to breathe wisely and let it transform you.

There’s a gentle strength in breathing deep.

Letting it move you, support you, hold you.

So use it, and use it well.

Remember; what a gift it is to wake up each day and still, be breathing.

Love & Light

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