They say attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

So, in order to reach people with our message, our gifts, our knowledge, we should focus on creating videos, and quick ones at that.

But I believe that there’s still a strong willed and passionate culture of readers out there.

Of mindful souls who take their time, not only to absorb information, but to think, to discuss, to learn from, and to apply to life what they gain from the simple act of not rushing.

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Appreciation & Gratitude

We are constantly exposed to information and stimulants everyday.

So much of this goes unnoticed, and usually because we are registering the same information over and over again.

Although we convince ourselves we are absorbing new information everyday; if you see and experience the same environment each day, how can it be any different from one day to the next?

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Authentic Self-Love, Authentic Self-Care, Authentic Self-Esteem

I believe we must all work on real, raw, realistic and authentic self-love.

I’m practising this in my own life so that one day I can be in a position of total & complete compassion with myself, in order to truly love others.

When we come from a place of wholeness; full of love and compassion, then we are truly honouring each other.

But how do we get to a point of total self-love?

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Deserving & Needing

We only really need four things to survive and be mentally stable; food, water, shelter, and connection.

Beyond that everything else we either want or feel we deserve.

So, as we go about our day to day lives, it’s important to consider how we show up in the world. How we act, what we think, and what we say.

The language we use and what we are actually saying, or what we really want to be saying, can change everything.

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