Appreciation & Gratitude

We are constantly exposed to information and stimulants everyday.

So much of this goes unnoticed, and usually because we are registering the same information over and over again.

Although we convince ourselves we are absorbing new information everyday; if you see and experience the same environment each day, how can it be any different from one day to the next?

We think we see everything, when we actually only pick up on a small amount of what is actually all around us.

We never see the full spectrum, as it were.

Our brains filter the world reflected at us, but this means that if we don’t pay attention we will miss great chunks of reality that are right in front of us.

With so many distractions in our lives, pulling us this way and that, it can be hard to imagine slowing down enough to witness everything that is happening.

But, you don’t have to stop and try to see everything in order to start seeing more.

Just practising looking out for new things, or small changes is enough. Or challenging yourself to try and spot something new on a usual walk or on your journey to work.

If you find this task difficult, if you feel that your current life situation is tough, that you never get what you desire, that life is working against you, or that you do not have abundance, take a second look.

Take a look around you when you wake up and start to go about your day.

Look around you, and you’ll see abundance

What can you see around you? Do you wake up in a bed? Do you live in doors, with heating, water, and light? Do you have clothes, food, a phone or computer, or both? (And if you’re reading this I imagine you do…)

If you have any of the above, that is amazing! You have so much to be greatful for. And you have much more to explore being grateful for.

Do you think? Do you imagine? Do you create?

Are you kind, compassionate, and joyful?

Do you help your neighbourgs? Do you have pets you love? Do you have friends and family?

Do you have a job? Have you had a job? Have you had an education? Do you read books? Do you listen to music? Do you play music?

This list is limitless.

Some things may not apply to you, but that doesn’t mean they never will, and maybe they shouldn’t – you don’t need everything in life.

Just enough to see how truly abundant you really are.

When I first started travelling I was fully nomadic. I didn’t even have a phone with me. I had a small backpack of possessions, most of which I gave away because I didn’t want to carry it anymore.

Since then I have travelled with more things and then very few things, exercising my ‘need’ for things. Every time, without fail, I forget the material world and always feel more free the lighter my backpack.

The point is; when you start to realise what you do have; material objects, money, relationships, your health and well-being, your emotions, thoughts, dreams and desires, then you start to see how truly abundant your life is.

You see how much you have to play with.

You see how much choice you have.

You see how lucky you are to have so much, and begin to appreciate it more and more.

Abundance comes from within

Now, some people, when they realise how fortunate they are, find themselves feeling guilty for all that they have.

Guilt has no place in your life.

Yes, thinking about what you have can highlight what others don’t, but feeling guilty about it is not helpful.

Instead you can practise gratitude for what you have and never take it for granted.

And there’s nothing stopping you from sharing what you have with others too.

This is a much better use of your time and energy then feeling terrible because you are abundant.

Feeling bad because of any wealth you have is an insult to those who go without. Use your fortune, how ever big, for things bigger than yourself.

So do not feel that you need to abandon all that you have in order for life to be fair.

Being grateful, sharing, and helping others find abundance in life is what makes life fair.

And turning away from what you have and being another person living without abundance is not helpful.

Practising gratitude will bring you so much joy.

Make the most of what you have. Share what you have. Love what you have.

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