The Path of Least Resistance

Finding calm within the chaos.

So many of us grow up in societies which condition us to think logically and rationally.

Any other way of living is often feared, disregarded, and seen as ‘disturbing the peace’.

Ideas outside of the realms of logic and reason are also often viewed as being difficult, strange, annoying or inferior.

However, if someone is living outside of the deemed ‘normal’ confines of life, and are living based on their intuition, they probably resemble and embody a calm and natural energy.

They seem to float through life, never run into difficulty which throws them off balance.

They handle challenges by seeing the opportunities presented by difficulties, and they always seem to be in abundance.

This is because they are literally living in abundance. In everything just mentioned.

When you live your life by following your intuition, you are following the path of least resistance.

You see, our intuition is our natural guide in life. It is the natural compass which resides in all animals.

Before we can talk, we operate by our intuition. We instinctively know what to do to move around and find food and shelter.

As we grow older, a lot of the time, this instinctive behaviour is shifted into relying more on logic and reason, and we start to navigate the world in this way, rather than trusting our intuition.

For a lot of us, it’s difficult to notice our intuition.

If you pay attention to how you feel when offered anything in life, your intuition will tell you exactly how you feel.

For example…

If you are offered the opportunity to travel by boat to help recuse endangered dolphins, you may feel a pull of excitement; that’s your intuition telling you it’s something you really want to do, and that it will serve your life in some positive way.

If you get a sudden feeling of doubt and uncomfortable contraction in your belly, then that’s your intuition telling you it’s probably best to stay home.

Either way; listen to your guts.

Your gut feeling is usually right. It can help you make seemingly hard decisions, even if it doesn’t, on the surface, make sense in your logical mind.

Practising leaning into your intuition takes time if you’re not used to it. But once you do it more regularly, you do start to see a difference in how you live day to day, moment to moment.

You will start to glide more effortlessly through life. Life will flow and feel balanced.

In doing this, you are literally giving yourself permission to live a life based on the path of least resistance, simply by leaning in and acting on your intuition.

Can you surrender and trust in your intuition? Start to pay attention and to playa round with it, you never know where it might lead you.

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