I’ve been thinking about responsibility and how it all starts from within.

When we learn to always take responsibility for our inner world; speaking kindly to ourselves, having positive thoughts, trusting our intuition, then our outer world flows more effortlessly and we feel calm and centred.

And how do we achieve this state?


The mind is like a tangled web

When we acknowledge that all our actions, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are all choices, then we can move pass limiting actions, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

It may take time, it may take effort, but when you trust in this wisdom, it does suddenly shift. It clicks, and you wonder why you thought any differently before.

I’m no expert, yet. But, the more I practise the easier it becomes to catch myself before going down a rabbit hole of negative thoughts.

And if I do have negative thoughts, or behave in a way I know isn’t serving me or others, I take it as a gift, a sign post to practise and catch myself. To shift whatever limiting belief is making me have the negative patterns.

But there is a way to let go and release from it

You see, when people say ‘you have everything you need inside of you’, they really mean it. When you start to think in this way, you realise it’s true.

All we need in life is to take responsibility for ourselves, to be guided by our intuition, and to trust that we know the right path, everything outside of that is not up to us to fix or comment on. Everything outside of you is not your responsibility.

For me, that took a huge weight off my shoulders, and allowed me to focus inward, to actively work on myself so I can then show up better for others.

When you choose to take care of your inner world, you are doing a service for the future you, and everyone, everything outside of yourself.

You hold the strength to choose in your own mind

So, don’t feel awkward or silly, or selfish, when you meditate, or practise yoga, do some breathing exercises, go for a run, or sit quietly alone.

All these things and more will help you better understand yourself, making that choice to responsibility, abandon dependancy on others, and open up a flowing existence which is instinctive and compassionate.

We all deserve to live this way, so make it your practise.

Dedicate, commit, and see how it changes your life.

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