Tiny adjustments are usually all you need.

But sometimes we can feel that in order to create a huge impact and difference in our lives we must make huge changes.

The 2mm theory is about how the smallest adjustments can create the biggest results.

The classic example is when playing golf. The different between getting the ball in the hole and missing it completely can be just 2mm. Making a slight adjustment could mean either winning or loosing the game.

This theory can be applied to anything in life when you know you need to make some changes.

You may not need to change everything about your business, relationships, health – you could be doing all the right things but just need to tweak them slightly.

So, don’t go changing everything at once. Just take a look at your chosen area of life, let’s say, health, and tweak one things about it.

You may have been eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise for a year, but still not seeing the results you want.

Our bodies are sensitive; each small change counts

Maybe you need to shift your diet a little; start having hot water and lemon first thing in the morning and have breakfast after. Or mix up your exercise regime; start going for a run 3 times a week instead of 6 and adding in yoga and weight bearing exercises on your now free days.

If things aren’t going as you’d planned within your business, stay away from thoughts of packing it all in and starting all over again.

Shifting your perspective just slightly can make all the difference

Instead, look at what it is you are doing, and see where you can make some small shifts. Perhaps you were focusing too much on the content and not enough on marketing, or maybe your marketing strategy isn’t working and you need to remodel it.

And if you feel like your relationships, either romantic or otherwise, aren’t going so smoothly, take some time to see where your relationships are lacking, and put more effort into those specific areas, rather than trying to fix the relationship as a whole, or abandoning one altogether.

The point is; don’t feel like something is completely wrong just because it’s not working exactly as you had planned or hoped.

Don’t give up without trying and applying the 2mm theory and see how it can help you adapt, shift, enhance, develop and grow your life.

You could be doing so much right, just in the wrong direction. You might just be slightly out of balance.

You never know just how close you are to figuring it out, and what a waste it would have been if you’d given up.

And remember, if you keep doing the exact same thing over and over, you’ll get the same result. Make a change, one tiny change, and watch the difference it makes.

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