Past Pain Energy

Energy is transformed all the time.

Over and over again.

We store energy within us, and in many different forms.

Our mental energy, physical energy, energetic energy. The systems and processes our organs carry out, our sleep energy.

We also absorb energy from outside sources. And like a fire, it can burn.

From events, other people, things we hear, witness. From the weather, from the food we eat. We even absorb unspoken energy from other people and animals.

I’ve come to learn this myself because I am a very sensitive empathic. I notice myself absorbing energy from outside sources regularly.

Years ago I was unconscious to this happening. But over time I came to realise what was happening and that I was hugely affected by it. It caused mood swings and great highs and lows in my energy.

I’ve observed this process so many times, and I’m still learning, but now I tend to realise it’s happening and focus on transforming the energy I receive into positive energy, or I create a safety bubble where I can be of serve to that person, but to not absorb their energy myself.

I do this by reminding myself that some energy is unwanted. Other people’s energy is not mine to take. I do not need it so I can leave it be.

This happens in the here and now, in the present.

But what about residual pain energy?

Well, scientific studies have now shown that in times of struggle, pain, and suffering which are not processed by the individuals or cultures experiencing it, it can then be passed on to the next generation, and the next, and the next, and the next.

Each person so does not identify the pain energy within them; the pain left over from past generations, and the pain energy created in their life time, will in turn pass it on to the next generation again.

Do you ever find yourself feeling uneasy, in a bad mood, or upset for no apparent reason?

This could be the pain energy from past generations being triggered within you in the present moment.

This is a golden opportunity to transform this energy from pain into joy. To process the negative energy living inside of you, which is not really ‘you’, not your true self, and to turn it into positive energy. Then you can release it into the world.

Remember, energy moves in cycles.

It always goes somewhere.

So, whatever you process, make sure you turn it into something positive, rather than simply noticing your pain and letting it go.

Release the beauty you create

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