Realising Your Importance

Do you ever wonder if you have any any value to share? If you’re important?

The word important, like so many, has developed mild negative connotations.

The idea of being important can create pride and arrogance in confident folk, and those of us who are more quiet and reserved fear importance and shy away from it.

But the importance I want to speak about, isn’t about fame and glory, or being better than others. It’s about finding your importance in the world.

You are important, simply because you are.

You don’t need to do anything special to achieve importance, or validate your importance from the outside through other people.

All you need to do is to realise that your value, by being you, is needed, and so is therefore, very important. Making you, important.

The extra bonus with this realisation, is that what you have you can give to others.

So, by finding authentic importance in yourself, your being, you can hold space for other people to feel important, and step into their unique and natural importance.

One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself is ‘What value do I have?’

It can be a scary thing to find yourself at a loss, not knowing what you have to offer the world. But you, like everyone else, is living a life full of unique experiences, collectively making a life full of knowledge, understanding, insight, wisdom, and perspective.

You never know how much you can impact another person simply by honestly sharing your experiences and how you overcame challenges, how you found joy, what you’ve learnt, what you’ve created.

There will always be people who are interested in you, what you have to say, and trust that you can help them in some way. And there are some people who only you can touch with your words, how you speak, and how you show up in the world.

So don’t hide away, believing that you have nothing to offer the world.

You have your whole life to offer the world.

Step into your importance.

It’s your power. It is your birth right. If you ignore it, or under value it you are doing a dis-service to yourself, and by extension to the world.

We all have unique value to add to the world, we literally do. We are all different, and so can all bring something different to the table. Do not sell yourself short by thinking you are any less worthy than anyone else.

You’re meant to be here, otherwise you wouldn’t be.

Not every seed from an apple grows into a tree. So being here, alive today, is an important achievement. Believe that it is so. And treat it like the amazing event that it is.

Take courage and share it. Inspire & empower others to find their own importance.

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