The Power of Community

What can we, and should we, learn from community support, aligned action, and mindfully respecting each others inner and outside worlds?

We’ve seen over the past few days an immense power of community.

People all over the world joining together in peaceful protest for those in power to wake up and act.

And let’s not forget the many communities around the world who have been respecting and protecting our natural resourses for thousands of years.

The knowledge and wisdom of our connection to nature has never been totally lost. And that’s why so many modern cultures do feel lost.

There are many indigenous communities, living within nature, as well all once did long ago. They are deeply connected to nature, or planet, and do not need to re-learn the power of community.

We who live, on the face of it, outside of the natural world can learn from these strong communities who do live as one with nature, and be inspired to build our lives on the same values and beliefs.

We can choose to accept that our ‘developed’ cultures have created amazing things, however they are damaging, and not worth loosing our precious world over.

And how, if we take a step back, take a little time to think about it, there is really nothing we can’t do if we unite and work together.

We should learn from this, and never forget it; the power we hold when we work together is incredible.

Communities on any scale only work properly and are sustained if there is mutual trust.

Can we trust each other? Can we choose to put aside boarders, labels, selfishness and greed and keep on this path of solidarity?

I hope so.

I hope we do learn, as a collective, that this is the right path in moving forward as a species.

There will be some who may have missed the messaged or who are resistant. These are the people who need the most support and love. They are the ones who need our patients and truth, not our judgement and patronising words.

No person is perfect, but we can create an ideal world to live in if we combine positive forces, if we need those in need, and that includes those who may in ignorant to the truth.

This is no insult; being ignorant is not a bad thing. We are all ignorant to something. We learn by living and putting aside our egos.

None of us know everything. And the wisest of us all are those who are still open to learning more, and know that they still can learn more.

Being open to change and developing what you thought you knew is the most humble act.

And remember, we all speak a different language. And I’m not talking about the languages we speak out loud, or read or write in.

We each have our own perceptions and interpretations of the world. This creates our own unique inner language. Our heart language.

No two are alike. They are all different, each have their own merits, and are all important.

We must respect others and their inner heart language, and respect our own.

We must try to see past what others are saying, and try to listen to their heart speaking.

This doesn’t mean that we will agree with every person we meet, or feel a connection. But that’s ok. It is enough to work together once you realise and accept that every other person is just having a human experience, having their own inner language, and trying their best in life due to their perceptions.

Once you grasp this, you relax and know that you can accept others and live through your inner language, your inner wisdom, and everything will be ok.

So, be open to this, help others, and take inspired aligned action towards our future, together on this planet.

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