Finding Your Tribe

Having a support network, whether it be your biological family, friends from college, or from an intentional community, is important and key to our health, well-being, spiritual growth, success, and general happiness.

Of course, many people are solitary creatures, and just like the lone wolf they thrive while alone and not while in constant company.

However, most of us are and always will be sociable beings.

Because of this we need a strong and nurturing group of other humans around us, and most of us, even if it’s unconsciously, are seeking a family where there is equal giving and receiving.

We want to give & receive freely, to respect our found family, and to be respected ourselves. To be supported, and to support others. To be loved, and to love. Everything in equal measures, all so that we feel safe and empowered.

This is something I have been passively and actively seeking throughout myself, and recently I have been invited in to an online community of like-minded and like-hearted people, who all support, nurture, and respect one another.

I never thought it was possible to feel so much love generated within me from a few messages received from basically a group of strangers. The process has been magical.

It’s a safe space to express yourself, as well as being a safe space to simply absorb what others share in the group.

There is a recognition for the growing need of compassion and trust, especially between strangers. And how, in a world which can feel very disconnected, we have a responsibility and an opportunity (with the gift of technology) to take advantage and to build bridges, to connect with others, and to open ourselves up – to be vulnerable.

We all have a choice in life; to constantly close, or to constantly open.

Choosing to close, closes you off to so much beauty, abundance and joy in life. But opening yourself, surrendering to trust and love, will only ever bring you more abundance, more trust, more love and more life.

Today we can find ourselves isolated, if you are an entrepreneur who works from a laptop, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

But whatever your lifestyle may be, I’m sure you’ve had times when you feel lonely or like you are lacking in a support network who you are aligned with.

Finding your tribe is an important part of life. Sometimes this will not be the family you were born into, sometimes you find the support you need in the most unlikely of places.

I encourage you to keep looking if you have not found this yet, because when you do, you’ll know. And you’ll feel so much that you never thought was possible.

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