An Opportunity to do The Right Thing

This is your power. This is your life. So, what are you going to do with it?

As living beings we are constantly processing information so that we can survive and navigate the world.

And for those of us who live in towns or cities, other busy communities, have phones, computers, or TV’s, we are bombarded by even more information pretty much constantly.

Day in. Day out. 

As technology has spread rapidly around the world, the average person, it seems, is connected to some form of information almost 24/7.

We see information. We read it, we watch it. We send it, delete it, copy it, edit it, and ignore it – All. Day. Long. 

But, what if we utilised this space. What if we harnessed the power in it. The power of conversation, connection and the ability to reach people half way around the world, for good. For something better.

Now yes, this has been done for decades by a little thing called advertising. But what if the traditional concept of advertisements changed? What if people could shift to a new way of creating and sharing news and content…

We can. We all can. People already do. However, most of what is broadcast is fake news, negative comments, and silly emojis. 

What if you became one of those people who is utilising the power of the internet for something more meaningful? What if you used your phone, your computer, or if you have one, your following, as a way to make a difference in the world? 

The thing is, doing this today is probably the easiest it’s ever been. 

The internet 10, even 5 years ago was a completely different story. Nowadays, a lot more people trust the internet. Individuals are creating valuable content, which people can trust, and so now the ‘everyday’ person is creating the internet.

It’s not just big corporations controlling everything anymore. The internet is changing, and it’s very exciting. Freedom of speech is not totally limited to standing on soap boxes and screaming in the street.

People are becoming influencers online, whether they realise it or not. We have the power to help humanity, the world, or we can antagonise and destroy it. Simply with a few clicks of a button.

Some people are choosing to voice their passions with good intention, to make things better. To motivate & inspire others.

To do the right thing.

Doing the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing, really is the path to sustainable success.

But again, many people, who are more than able; who are bright, interested, interesting, honest, passionate, giving, caring, hopeful and creative are simply not leveraging the internet for the amazing resource it can be. 

Instead of picking up their phones and starting something meaningful, they watch another cat video, rate another cat video, or record their cat doing something cat-like and send it to a friend. They post countless beach front selfies, photos of their dinner, their dog, their baby, their new shoes, their new car…

Without realising that the space they are taking up with those photos, videos and quick responses could be used for something much bigger than themselves, and way more important than the sandwich they just made.

Don’t get me wrong, life does not have to be so serious all the time.

And you know what, sending a loved one a smiley face via text when they are having a really bad day, week, or month, could make the difference between them spiralling into a depressive state, or them smiling themselves, laughing, and realising that life isn’t so bad. 

That would be doing something meaningful with this space. That is what can change the world.  

Simple loving kindness can change the world. 

So, utilising the power of the internet doesn’t have to automatically mean setting up giant projects to end world hunger and save all the endangered species of the rain forests. 

Those ideas are amazing. And valid. And needed. But they are big. Huge. And even with all the passion for these causes that your brain & heart can handle, it can very quickly become over-whelming and we give up, telling ourselves, ‘Oh, I could never pull that off. Who would even listen to me?’ 

Utilising the internet to make a difference can be as simple as going for a walk and taking pictures of you picking up litter to raise environmental awareness.

It could be you video calling your great aunt who lives miles away and is lonely.

It could be live streaming a family event so that others who could not be there are able to watch & feel connected.

It could be fundraising online to collect funds for your local school.

Or advertising free pop up yoga classes in your local park. 

Whatever you can think of, there is a way of making the internet work for you, so that you can really, truly make a difference by supporting your community, loved ones, strangers, and other forms of life which inhabit this earth.

Showing up from a place of service is the key to real fulfilment, and now, more than ever, is the time to really do the right thing. In business, for your health & well-being, for others, for life in general. Everyday. With every decision.

Because, why would you not? 

Everyone wants to live a joyful, safe, healthy, fulfilled, sustainable, and secure life – and you are no exception.

For me, I’ve come to be truly grateful for having a voice and a platform on which to use it.

I know I am here to create a truly sustainable life for myself, and in doing so, be a stepping stone for others to realise their full potential so they may have authentic freedom & do good in the world too.

I am here to be a gentle guide for others who are curious about alternative ways of living.

My goal in helping others is to help the planet. To restore abundance in the world; organically, naturally. With gentle & sustainable methods. With authentic skills. With compassion, understanding, & diversity.

As much as I do not take my early traditional education for granted, I did come out of what I feel is a broken educational system. Traditional education does not serve people to live full, sustainable lives, in all aspects. It does not teach us how to be present, mindful, to accept others, how to solve real life problems & how to live in joy.

And so, after leaving school at 19 I started to travel.

I needed to experience life outside of the bubble I’d been living in my whole life up until that point.

I went to many places, met all kinds of people, from all kinds of backgrounds & life situations. I became more & more aware of how sheltered my life had been, and how if you choose to see it, we are all connected and are all living in one world. In this way, boarders dissolve and trust can thrive.

I was nomadic and itching to serve others and the planet.

After years of living unconventionally, studying Permaculture and Sustainability, & volunteering on many projects around the world, I still felt like a misfit.

I knew deep down that I have a reason, a purpose, for being here and that I am meant to be doing something more, something meaningful, with this life I have. I realised that I care too much to be in a cubical everyday or becoming another cog in the wheel.

I am here to have abundance. To be free & able to consciously look after my own well-being, so that I can better serve others.

I am here to show up from a place of service and authenticity. To share what I’ve learnt, the things which have served me to thrive with others, to help them grow and have abundance too.

I am here to listen.

I am here to focus my energy on serving myself & others, and to never worry about income again.

Having a passive income isn’t about collecting money & creating a luxury lifestyle.

For me, it’s about having enough so that I can look after myself, and having enough to share with others, with communities & projects.

It’s about being able to contribute with my other resources of time & energy freely, with absolutely no worries about my finances.

Worrying distracts us from the bigger picture. Worrying distracts us from what we are meant to be doing. Worrying takes away from the Here & Now. Worrying takes away from our lives in so many ways.

If you’re anything like me, you want this to stop too.

We are not designed to slave away in a job which drains us of our lust for life, and which stops us from truly living & contributing to the world.

We are designed to do things aligned with our true nature, which feed our souls, spark our creativity, nurture us & allow for our intuition to guide us.

We are here to enrich our lives, and the lives of others.

It might seem intense to think about making these kind of changes, being pro-active, and doing the work to make it happen. And if you’re thinking this all sounds like an unattainable eutopia, then that’s your first problem.

If, however, you are feeling curious, then focus on that and what your intuition is telling you. If you feel deep down, like I did, that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing, and that you have much more to give, then I encourage you to embrace that feeling and to take advantage of this opportunity.

I encourage you to explore it, be willing and open minded.

Think mindfully about how it could shift not only your own life, but the lives of countless other people who you could influence & serve in the process.

When you do what is in your highest excitement, what you know is the right thing, even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable at first, if it is the right thing, you will inevitably feel good about it. I promise you. 

So, take responsibility for it, and yourself. Fully. 

Responsibility is your ability to respond. 

So, how are you going to respond? 

How are you going to respond, and act in order to make a difference? In order to achieve great things? In order to reach and go beyond your full potential? 

It all starts with taking a step. 

As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true. 

And maybe you’re thinking, ‘But, what comes after the first step?’

That’s simple.

Another one. And another one. And another. And another. 

When you are clear on your vision, your mission, what you want to create, do, say, share with others, all you have to do is take steps towards it.

One at a time. Consistent steps, every, single, day. Bit by bit.

Move in the direction you want to end up in, and you’ll get there.

But, you can’t be anywhere else but here. Right now. You only have this moment, so make this moment count. Make another step towards the future you see yourself living.

This will not happen over-night. It does take work. But mostly, it takes; belief, courage, determination, and gratitude

You need to be grateful for this opportunity. It’s a privilege. Once you’re grateful for it, you’ll care more about it. You’ll honour and respect it. 

You must have determination. Keep motivated. Encourage yourself everyday to achieve your goals. 

You will need courage. Some tasks you’ll need to do to succeed may be scary, but there’s nothing that’s not doable, and you can always ask for help. On this journey, you are not alone

You have to deeply believe in what you’re doing. To know why you’re doing it. If you don’t believe in it, it’ll never work. 

And you’ve got to do some work. But, you can get to a place where work and play are one and the same thing. Work can be fun, simple, easy. And besides, working for something is always worth it in the end. 

Get to a point where you feel pride in what you do. Where you’re paying attention. Where there is positive reason & good intention behind what you do, say, think and feel. 

You can do all of this, well beyond anything I’ve written here. This is a spring board to get you started on your way. You’ve got the power within you already. 

So, what are you going to do with your power? 

Go to the Start Here page and take your first steps.