When we differentiate we judge.

Any opinion we have is a judgement. We decide what is positive or negative in the world around us, all the time.

But no two people have the exact same preferences about absolutely everything. Everyone sees and experiences reality differently, therefore we all make our own unique judgements about the world.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It makes life interesting that we all have different likes and dislikes.

However, passing such general ‘black and white’ judgements about everything can limit our life experience.

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Past Pain Energy

Energy is transformed all the time.

Over and over again.

We store energy within us, and in many different forms.

Our mental energy, physical energy, energetic energy. The systems and processes our organs carry out, our sleep energy.

We also absorb energy from outside sources. And like a fire, it can burn.

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Tiny adjustments are usually all you need.

But sometimes we can feel that in order to create a huge impact and difference in our lives we must make huge changes.

The 2mm theory is about how the smallest adjustments can create the biggest results.

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I’ve been thinking about responsibility and how it all starts from within.

When we learn to always take responsibility for our inner world; speaking kindly to ourselves, having positive thoughts, trusting our intuition, then our outer world flows more effortlessly and we feel calm and centred.

And how do we achieve this state?


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